New Camera!

After much deliberation over the past, oh, few months I’d say, I finally decided to take the plunge on my new Nikon D5100 DSLR camera – and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve had a Canon 450D DSLR for quite a while since I was in late high school, and although it is a beautiful camera, I think it’s time for an upgrade. So, I did some researching online and in store at JB Hi-Fi and Teds, and came to the conclusion that the Nikon was the best value for me personally. The attendant at both stores compared it to the Canon 600- and 650D, but I was leaning more towards the Nikon from the start (not entirely sure why!). I walked around the shopping centre for about an hour or so weighing up my options (for $700+ I definitely wanted to make sure I was making the right decision). I then heading straight back to JB and snatched up my new camera, especially since the guy there said it was the last one in stock. I opted for the ‘twin lens kit’, which comes with an 18-55mm lens as well as the 55-200mm lens, which will be perfect for travel and outdoor use.

As for why I bought the camera – well, I’ve always been into art, and as of late I’ve let university and work commitments take over a little, at the expense of my art. Having a good quality camera for myself that is already producing stunning images is a huge incentive for me to get back into it and to tap into my creative side once again.

As I have a keen interest in beauty things, I thought I’d attach a couple of images of some products and perhaps later do proper reviews on them.




I think that’s all for my first post so until next time, tootles!

RB x


6 thoughts on “New Camera!

  1. Wow this looks awesome! I’m pretty sure I use the same camera as you, though in all honesty I just know it’s a Nikon and DSLR. I would love a review of your Danmari (not sure if I spelled that right!) palette.

    • Thanks Veronica! I’m so glad I went with the Nikon, I’ve seen such incredible quality photos with Nikon cameras so I was sold.
      I’ll most certainly do a review on the Danmari palette, and one on the ‘All About Cheek’ palette too, hopefully in the next few days :)

      RB xx

    • Thank you! I was/am still in the process of working out the best way to maximise the benefits of such a camera, I still have a long way to go :) I appreciate the comment though, thank you :)

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