Guess what’s coming…


So currently there is a 40% of sale at Priceline in Australia (nationwide, I’m pretty sure) and because I work at two stores I can get a further discount – so I’m going to go crazy! As sad as it sounds, I went into work early the other morning to secure the items I knew I was going to purchase. Some of these included the Revlon Whipped Foundation which I’ve heard so much about, a couple of Maybelline’s Vivid lipsticks for that bright, neon look and L’Oreal’s Volume Million Extra Black mascara, which again I’ve heard wonderful things about.

It was only confirmed last night or earlier yesterday afternoon that nail polishes are in fact included in the sale, so no doubt I’ll be swinging by the Sally Hansen and Australis counters – I can’t get enough bright, pastel nail colours so it’s time to stock up :)

I hope to do a few reviews over the next few days on the items I purchase, and will photograph swatches as well – so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading lovelies!

RB xx


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