NARS Danmari Palette – Review & Swatches


So here we have the NARS Danmari palette! I think this was limited edition a little while back, and I’m not sure whether it was available in Australia as I bought mine off Ebay. The shades are all part of NARS’ permanent line though, so you could always pick one up from your local Mecca in Australia :)

DSC_0043 DSC_0051

To start off, I thought I’d show the packaging of the palette. If you are familiar with NARS packaging, the Danmari palette is of the same texture (a rubberised, matte finish). Although I do like this packaging purely because of the way it feels, it does pick up a LOT of dirt/makeup/fingerprints, and even though I did give my palette a quick wipe-down with a damp towel, it didn’t make much of a difference (as you can probably tell!)

The colours of the palette are all listed on the back, which is great for reference.


Top to bottom: NARS’ Hungry Heart Duo (I) and Casino


Top to bottom: NARS’ Orgasm and Super Orgasm


Top to bottom: NARS’ Desire and Sin

Okey dokie – so my first observations when I bought this palette were that every shade in this palette has shimmer, with the exception of Desire (the matte, hot pink shade). Although I am a shimmer lover, don’t get me wrong, I thought it would have been nice if the palette offered another matte blush, or even if the bronzer shade Casino was matte. That said, the shimmer isn’t as noticeable in some shades, so I guess that worked out well.

Here are some swatches:


From left to right: Hungry Heart Duo (I), Orgasm, Desire, Casino, Super Orgasm, Sin

With these swatches I did find that I needed to run my finger back and forth quite a few times to get sufficient pigmentation (some of the shades required a couple of swatches layered up to build up the opacity). As I tend to find with most powder products, be it eyeshadow, blush or bronzer, I found the matte shade less pigmented (at least from the swatch), but I don’t mind that in a blush as I much prefer to build up colour slowly rather than dab on too much!

In terms of the texture of the blushes, the first two shades have quite thick, chunky glitter particles which lowers their opacity and makes them a little difficult to work with. For that reason, I tend not to reach for these shades (Hungry Heart Duo (I) and Orgasm – despite the hype!). Though the next shade, Desire, does look a little intense from the swatch, I find it to be one of the more natural shades as it gives a perfect, pink flush. Casino is quite a dark shade, so I tend to use it in the summertime but now that we’re going into the cooler months, I probably won’t reach for this shade as much. Like its sister Orgasm, Super Orgasm is much too glittery for me, and as a result isn’t natural enough for me to pull off. Having said that, I sometimes reach for the two if I’m going for a dewy look and want to brighten up my cheeks. Sin is one of my favourite shades, it looks a little intimidating in the pan, but it compliments my olive skin tone beautifully, especially in the cooler months.

Overall, I do love this palette, but I think I should have looked into the shades a little more before making the splurge. It is a beautiful palette though, although I do prefer NARS’ other larger palette, which I’ll be reviewing on here too very soon :)

Thanks for stopping by!

RB xx


6 thoughts on “NARS Danmari Palette – Review & Swatches

  1. RB,
    Loved the review and just to let you know the reason why it took you so many swipes to get an opaque swatch is because the it’s exactly the opposite of being under pigmented. The blush is such great quality that the pigments in the blush are adhering to your finger and therefore not transferring onto your arm. Sorry if that was super wordy but the first time I encountered a nars blush I had the same thoughts!

    • Ah yes, of course, that does make sense! My fingers were saturated with colour after each swatch, the powder is so finely milled :) I haven’t done much swatching with blushes so I’m not used to their difference in texture from, say, buttery eyeshadows that transfer quite differently. Thanks for clearing that up Veronica, I was a little puzzled at first considering how beautiful the colours look on the cheeks but how difficult it was to transfer a swatch!

      RB xx

  2. I bought this palette back when it first came out and I absolutely love it! I really like Sin especially, and I agree about what you said about the bright pink color. It looks way too bright in the pan but comes off really nicely,even on my super pale skin. Great review :)

    • That’s great! It sure is handy having all those lovely colours in the one palette, there aren’t many blush palettes that I’ve seen around. And yes, I think Desire would look best on lighter skin tones, I’m sure it looks fantastic on you :)

      Thanks for reading Amanda!
      Rosie xx

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