MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches

Hey everybody! Long time no speak, hey? Sorry I haven’t posted in soo long, I’ve been totally bogged down in uni work and had a whopper 3 X 2500 word essays plus a 3.5 hour exam, all within two days of each other! But that’s all over now so I should have more time to post on here from now :)

Anyway, enough babbling. I thought I’d do a post on my MAC lipstick collection, as I just loooove watching videos or reading posts of this sort. Just a disclaimer before we get into the good stuff – I am not in anyway trying to ‘show off’ what I have. I have been collecting these (i.e. purchasing with my own money) for a few years now, and yes, the amount I have may seem silly to some or reasonable to others, but I have invested my money in these products and feel that since this is a beauty blog, it is an appropriate topic for a post. Sorry to sound like a Negative Nancy, but I just don’t want to cause any trouble :)


Here’s a little sneak peak into my lip drawer – I keep my Mac lipsticks in the container in the middle with the labels facing upward for easy access


Close up of my Mac lipsticks and their labels


As you can see, most of my lipsticks have the standard, satin finish packaging, and a couple are limited edition, and one is from the Viva Glam line



First up, we have Ronnie Red from the Archie’s Girls Collection (bright red, matte); Feel My Pulse from the Temperature Rising Collection (magenta, frosted purple, cremesheen); Viva Glam Gaga 2 (creamy nude, amplified)



Full Fuchsia (raspberry pink, amplified); Lickable (medium pink, cremesheen); Quick Sizzle (deep pink, matte)



Impassioned (bright coral, amplified); Candy Yum-Yum (neon pink, matte); Watch Me Simmer (coral orange, amplified)

DSC_0013 DSC_0021

Lady Danger (orange-toned red, matte); Rebel (plum, satin)

DSC_0014 DSC_0018

Bare Again (pinkish nude, sheen supreme); Playing Koi (pale nude, satin); Angel (pink nude, frost)

It might already be quite apparent, but Mac is my favourite brand for lipsticks. I feel that their large variety of colours and textures caters for a wide range of ages and skin tones, something unparalleled in any other brand, in my opinion. I find their amplified lipsticks to be impeccable in pigmentation, but a tad drying. Their mattes are quite drying and feel slightly restricting on the lips, but applying these over a lip balm does help a little. Though Angel is a frost, I would classify it as a satin finish, as there really isn’t anything frosty about it. The satin and cremesheen finishes are lovely to wear, as they ensure your lips are moisturised, however the pigmentation isn’t the best – applying these over a lip liner (particularly Rebel) creates the perfect balance between good opacity and comfortable texture.

Here are some of my favourites

Nude: Angel – this colour is so wearable and doesn’t give you that ‘I’ve just woken up’, dead look that other, more opaque nudes (such as Playing Koi or Viva Glam 2) can give. It is the perfect balance between nude and pink, and it can add a slight wash of colour so you don’t look so washed out. If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it is lips that match your foundation. So, I naturally don’t reach for the aforementioned shades unless I’m a little more tanned, and when I do wear them, I make sure to sheer them out by using a pink lipgloss.

Pink: Full Fuchsia – I absolutely looove this lipstick! It compliments my olive skin tone so nicely and brings out the green in my eyes (at least I seem to think so!), and I feel I can wear this shade all year round – it’s bright enough for spring and summer, yet deep enough for autumn and winter.

Red: Ronnie Red – I feel bad that this shade is limited edition but it is beautiful. Even though it’s classified as a matte, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear on the lips. Its blue undertones make your teeth look whiter, which is always a plus! Red lips are something that can really boost a look – I love pairing this shade with thick, winged out black liner, and I’m good to go!

Purple: Rebel – this colour deserves a mention, without a doubt. Its glossy finish and deep colour makes it so easy to wear, and makes you stand out from the standard pink/red/nude colours most tend to opt for. If I’m wearing a really neutral outfit (black and white tones), this colour looks stunning without being too in-your-face. I’d definitely wear a lipliner under this one, as it does tend to bleed after a few hours of wear (trust me on this from personal experience!). I’ve recommended this shade to two friends who were just starting out with Mac lipsticks and they both loved it.

What Mac lipsticks are your favourite? Are there any you think don’t deserve the hype? Let me know!

Thanks for reading everyone,

Rosie xx


2 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Collection + Swatches

    • Thank you! On reflection most of my lipsticks are in the pinky magenta family, I think I need to be more adventurous from now on :P I do love cremesheens, they look fantastic over lip liner for more intense colour, too :)

      Hope you’re having a lovely day!

      Rosie xx

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