A few of my favourite things

Hey hey! So there are some awesome products I’ve been obsessed with as of late, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you. Though I do like to mix and match products when I do my makeup, there are some staples that find their way into my makeup routine more regularly than others that seem to stand out amongst the rest.

Some of these products are high end, some of them low end. For me, this is a matter of personal preference. I will be writing these posts divided into different products uses – all over face products including foundation and concealer; blushes, bronzers and highlighters as cheek products; eye products, such as mascara and eyeshadow; and finally a couple of lip products.

Here’s just a sneak peak into the products that I’ll be reviewing, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts!


Are there any of these products that you recognise? I’d love to hear about a few of your favourite things too!

Thanks for reading everyone :)

Rosie xx


4 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things

  1. Rosie,
    Oh this looks very exciting! I’m particularly excited about the Ben Nye powder! I’ll go through phases where it’s all I ever want, but then I always end up talking myself out of it. Plus all the places where they sell it online have outrageous shipping costs!

    • Ooh yay! Yeah I was a bit iffy about it too, especially considering no one I knew had tried any Ben Nye products, and I had to rely solely on Internet reviews. Unfortunately yes, shipping is pretty expensive – I made sure to get the most of it by picking up a few lip tars too, which didn’t increase shipping costs, as far as I can recall.
      I’ll have more details on where I purchased the banana powder in my next post :)

      Thanks for the comment!

      Rosie xx

    • I’m not surprised you recognise them, as I do tend to read up on reviews and watch tutorials for inspiration when purchasing my makeup :) It certainly hasn’t let me down so far!

      Thank you for your comment, the next instalments will be up shortly :)

      Rosie xx

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