New Additions: Stila In the Light, In the Moment


So I did some cheeky online shopping a little while back on Beauty Bay and picked up a couple of palettes by Stila: In the Light and In the Moment. I’ve had my eye on these for quite some time, particularly In the Light, the more neutral of the two. Every time I ventured into my local Mecca store I’d swatch the buttery, sparkling shadows and sigh in awe – I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $68 AUD for each palette.

I knew Beauty Bay had Stila products, but I hadn’t been that drawn to the brand and never took the time to check it out. It turns out that the website (which ships free internationally, by the way), sells a broad range of Stila products – including the two palettes I’d seen in Mecca. I was overjoyed! These each cost me $39 AUD, so I practically ended up getting two for the price of one. Shipping took about a fortnight, but what’s a couple of weeks when you’ve got $40 in your pocket?

In the Light consists of more neutral shades that will work for a range of skin tones and eye colours. Their shade ‘Kitten’ is included, which I’ve heard such great things about and have been wanting to try. It looks like the perfect bridal palette, I’d imagine this would be quite popular in freelancing artists’ kits.

In the Moment also has a few neutral shades, but includes some awesome purple-toned colours as well. Almost every shadow in the top row has some element of purple in it, whether that be purple pigment or glitter particles. I am particularly excited about the brighter purple shade, ‘Glance’, and can see this bringing out the green and gold in my hazel eyes (for you gals out there with brown, hazel or green eyes, this colour would look amazing on you!)

Each of these palettes also come with a little booklet that had some mockup eye looks that can be accomplished with these palettes. These are certainly useful, and they’re certainly not just for beginners! I know I’ll be reaching for them when I can’t decide what eyeshadow combo to go for.

Now for some photos: –

ImageThe two palettes were packaged well and received in perfect condition

ImageHere we have In the Light, an overview of all the colours and the included smudge stick eye liner

ImageA close up of the shades ‘Bare’, ‘Kitten’, ‘Bubbly’ and ‘Gilded Gold’

ImageA close up of the shades ‘Bliss’, ‘Sunset’, ‘Sandstone’, ‘Luster’, ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Ebony’

ImageThe included eyeliner in the shade ‘Damsel’, a dark brown

Smudge Stick in ‘Damsel’

ImageHere we have Stila’s palette, In the Moment and the included smudge stick liner

A close up of ‘Instinct’, ‘Impulse’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Wonder’

ImageA close up of ‘Glance’, ‘Improvise’, Catalyst’, ‘Spontaneous’, ‘Whim’ and ‘Captivate’

The included smudge stick in ‘Tetra’, a dark burgundy

Smudge Stick in ‘Tetra’

I am so excited to start using these palettes – they each have a good balance between matte and shimmery bright and neutral shades. I have never tried Stila’s Smudge Sticks either but have heard amazing things about them.

Do any of you have either of these palettes, or any others that Stila have brought out? What do you think of them?

As always, thanks for reading lovelies :)

Rosie xx


8 thoughts on “New Additions: Stila In the Light, In the Moment

  1. Totally want In the Moment – i would wear that every day!
    How was the shipping time? I generally don’t buy internationally anymore because im too impatinet.

    Great review :)

    • It looks as though that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks! Such pretty colours… :)
      I was quite impressed with the shipping time! My order was despatched on 20/6 and arrived this morning, so just 12 days or 8 working days. I have a feeling the shipping time varies, perhaps on the time of year or something – I remember when I ordered my Naked palettes they took closer to 3 weeks. Beauty Bay is definitely a reliable site though, I’ve ordered about four times from them. Definitely something to consider if you want to pay roughly half price!

      Thank you for your comment :)
      Rosie xx

    • They certainly are! They glide on and are super pigmented too, quite like Urban Decay shadows, if you’re familiar with those. And thank you! I’m still trying to get the hang of this camera :)

      Thanks for commenting!
      Rosie xx

  2. Uh-oh! This post has convinced me to buy the In The Moment palette too! Those purples are gorgeous. Great post, Rosie! x

    • Haha, good to hear :) You definitely won’t regret it. If I like these two I think I might have to purchase In the Know. My poor bank account… :)

      Thanks so much! And thank you for leaving a comment, too :)
      Rosie xx

  3. I’ve been lusting over In The Light palette for ages! I love that beautybay has free shipping and has really great prices but it does take a while for it to get to Aust – i think it just feels longer because you just get so excited waiting for it!

    • Oh me too :) I couldn’t resist any longer caved! From personal experience I’ve had to wait up to 3 weeks for Beauty Bay items, but this time my package only took 8 working days to arrive, which is pretty impressive for free international shipping. I’d love to know your thoughts if you end up purchasing this palette!

      Rosie xx

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