50 Facts About Me Tag!

50 facts

Here’s another tag I’ve seen around, so I thought I’d give it a shot. If you’ve done a version of this, or plan on doing one, let me know with a comment and I’ll make sure to check it out!

Let’s get right into the tag :)

  1. My birth name is Rosie, it isn’t my nickname (i.e., my actual name isn’t Rosemary)
  2. My father wanted me to be called Anna and my middle name to be Danielle, but my mum woke up in the middle of the night just before I was born and decided I’d be a ‘Rosie Alice’
  3. I’m part of a mixed family, and have half siblings and a full sibling
  4. Sometimes I’ll get stopped in the middle of the street/at a club by a complete stranger, and asked where I’m from (i.e. My nationality)
  5. Though I’m not sure how much I am of one nationality and how much of another, I know that I’m part English, Welsh, Sri Lankan, Portuguese and Dutch – I’m Australian at heart :)
  6. For the entirety of my schooling, I attended the one school. I spent 14 years in that joint…let’s just say I won’t be heading back there any time soon!
  7. My full brother and I are 10 months apart. Yep, you don’t need to say it, I’ve heard the stock standard reaction a thousand times…
  8. My eyes are hazel in colour, and there is a fleck of light brown colour that ventures beyond the boundary of my iris (it sort of looks like something’s stuck in my eye)
  9. I have super weak nails. Just before I managed to push my right index fingernail halfway back whilst stacking the freezer – sorry for the visual!
  10. Currently, we are a three dog family. We have two jack russells and an older mongrel – a staffy, whippet and fox terrier cross
  11. I got my learner permit 2 days after I turned 16, and got 100%
  12. I passed my driving test 2 days after my 18th birthday, and my test lasted 10 minutes
  13. I’ve had plastic surgery – nothing exciting guys, I’ve had nail issues on my toes so got that fixed, sorry, again, if that’s too much info!
  14. I can flare my nostrils
  15. I can curl my tongue
  16. I can move my ears back and forward
  17. I can make my tongue into a shell
  18. I can raise both eyebrows together, and each one on its own
  19. When I was about 7 years old, I visited the orthodontist, as recommended by my dentist. He told me I’d need braces when I was older (which I did), and I burst into tears and cried all the way home
  20. My brother’s girlfriend’s cousin dated Keith Richard’s daughter. He then left her, and is now dating Lara Bingle. Go figure…
  21. Whilst driving home from a family trip one year, I fed my labrador (who sadly isn’t with us anymore) some McDonalds. I was too little to understand the potential consequences, and subsequently ended up with dog barf all over my lap, hmm!
  22. I get carsick, and can hardly read a melway (Melbourne’s roadmap) without feeling nauseous
  23. Horror movies are my addiction. I don’t care how cheesy they are, or how much blood and gore there is, I’ll watch it
  24. I have six piercings – my first and seconds on my ears (4), a cartilage piercing on my right ear (5), and my nose pierced on the left side (6)
  25. I have no tattoos, and don’t ever plan on getting one. I’m cool with them on others, and sometimes find them quite aesthetically pleasing
  26. My mother used to take my brother and me to the public pool when we were little. I desperately wanted to jump off the diving board, so my mother waded in the water just in front to catch me so I wouldn’t drown (this was in the big pool, and I would have been about 4 at the time). I was so excited, that I jumped a little too far, landed on her face, and broke her nose. I feel so bad, to this day!
  27. Oh, and I also gave her gestational diabetes…oops…
  28. Because I am quite tall, I have quite large feet – I’m a 10.5/41, so finding shoes is sometimes frustratingly difficult
  29. I’ve always had an interest in, and been quite good at spelling and grammar
  30. I love acidic fruits, like strawberries, pineapple and kiwifruits, but I am almost guaranteed mouth ulcers after I eat them
  31. There is nothing more disgusting in this world than raw tomato…
  32. Slurpees are an appropriate drink, no matter what the weather man tells me
  33. During a hockey match a couple of years back, a girl from the opposition stuck her stick in front of me on purpose and I fell over. I got her back – when I wound up to hit the ball I ‘accidentally’ missed it, and thumped her foot with my stick. My bad :)
  34. My brother started school a year before me, and I would get jealous that he’d have homework, and I didn’t. So my mum bought me an English and Maths book with simple exercises to make me happy – I know, what a weirdo…
  35. My best subject in my final year exams was art
  36. My worst subject was Latin. Do not ask me why I did it, I honestly have no idea
  37. I had never seen the university I currently attend until my first day (I never went to any open days or seminars)
  38. I was the only Rosie in my school until an imposter (whose actual name is Rosemary) came…how dare she! :P
  39. I have an unusual knack for recognising people in movies. Even if they aren’t particularly famous, I’ll know their real name, the movie I recognise them from, and the character’s name that they played
  40. My mum and I are complete sooks around babies, I cannot wait to be a mother
  41. I have a scar on my hand from Skittle oil. I thought it would be awesome to melt Skittles down in the microwave, because it would produce a rainbow liquid of delish-ness. I was wrong. As I pulled the bowl of plasticy muck out of the microwave, oil splashed out and onto my hand. Not only was I disappointed that Skittle rainbow liquid cannot be made this way, but I had a nice burn to deal with
  42. Josh Hartnett and Alexander Skarsgard are delectable
  43. For years now, I have watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, followed by either Love Actually or Bridget Jones’ Diary, or both, on Christmas Day
  44. I have a thing for European accents. I met some Germans out the other night that weren’t even attractive, but felt compelled to talk to them because their voices were mesmerizing. My art history tutor’s name is Antonino, and he’s Italian. Drool.
  45. I am really obsessive about certain things. My cards go back into their respective places in my wallet, I will only write with Pentel Energel Rollerballs on premium paper (the ink mustn’t show through), and I have to wipe down my makeup counter every time I put on makeup, regardless of whether I’ve made a mess or not
  46. I am perfectly content with sitting and watching Disney cartoons all day
  47. Picking my cuticles is my bad habit
  48. When I’m out and about, I have a tendency to stare at people. Not in a freaky way, but in an I-want-to-observe-you-for-an-extended-period-of-time way (that still sounds pretty freaky lol). I’m incredibly inquisitive, so I like trying to read people
  49. I have fainted 3 times in my life. Once after swimming trials at school (I collapsed, half changed, in the girls’ bathroom). The second time was on a really hot night, and I tried putting a drink back in the fridge, slipped, and hit my head on the way down. The final time to date was after surgery whilst on Panadeine Forte, and I fainted on the toilet.
  50. For years I was a tomboy and would dress in all black. Then I suddenly began to change and become more girly, changing my image completely. I started to get into styling my hair and doing my makeup, and this has led me to where I am today – a beauty lover and future makeup artist (and lawyer) – at least that’s the plan.

Phew! I never thought I’d get there! I’m sure your eyeballs are about to fall out of their sockets after reading this, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you end up doing the tag, let me know with a comment and I’ll make sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Rosie xx


8 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me Tag!

  1. ok totally stealing – I need a “filler” post for today because my hubby had to have emergency surgery on his wisdom teeth yesterday so i havent had time to organise a proper post :(
    Great post!

  2. Oh my gosh. Ahahaha this post is so entertaining and hilarious! I totally agree with you – European accents are my weakness. They can talk about nothing and I’ll still listen just to hear their voice! I like to ‘observe’ people too, I find it really interesting in the way people carry themselves

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