Kabuki Crazy!


Yes, that’s right, another brush haul. Ok, I’ll be real – I’m on a bit of a bender at the moment because I’m trying to build up a kit (at least that’s my excuse…!)

For literally months now, I have been umming and arring on Sigma’s site, trying to work out what brushes I really needed. Yes, the premium kits look amazing (how’s that Extravaganza one? Crazy!) but I knew I’d be doubling up on brushes I already owned. Just the other week Sigma had a 20% off promotion, which was like the universe telling me “This is your time, Rosie!” So I pounced :P

I settled on one of their Synthetic Kabuki kits, the one with 4 large brushes. I knew I didn’t own any brushes like these, so thought it was the best option. Even with shipping and the 20% off code, these brushes were still loads cheaper than ones I’d find in the drugstore (Australian prices, the bane of my existence).


The brushes came with a leaflet detailing the other brushes Sigma has to offer, and a thank you card for ‘keeping the world beautiful’ (ugh, so lame and cliché!). It also came with a small gift, which was a sample of Sigma’s Spa Glove, a rubberised, silicone glove that is supposed to make washing your brushes a pleasure.



Sure, it looks like a good idea, but this ‘gift’ is a thin, pancake-like bit of rubber, and can’t be worn…I don’t know about you, but I can’t envision myself holding this flimsy thing whilst washing my brushes. A nice novelty, but that’s about it.


The set comes with four of the Kabuki brushes, including the tapered, angled, flat and round kabukis (is kabukis the plural for kabuki? It looks funny to me :P). I’m yet to use these, but I can already tell they’re going to be a blessing to my makeup routine. I’m always on the hunt for ways to apply my makeup faster and more efficiently. The soft texture and density of the bristles means they’ll be great with both liquid/cream and powder products. Versatility – I like it!


They’re well made, there’s no doubt about it. The ferrule is engraved with their name, and the handles embellished with holographic lettering, which is pretty groovy. The wood is laquered and shiny, which is a nice change from my other, more matte brush handles.

DSC_0031 DSC_0033 DSC_0034

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” – 10 points if know what movie that’s from :P

That about wraps this short haul up. I’m definitely glad I bought this set, and am super excited to see what these little puppies can do.

Have any of you tried Sigma brushes? What are your thoughts on them?

Thanks for reading everybody, have an awesome Monday!

Rosie xx


13 thoughts on “Kabuki Crazy!

  1. I absolutely ADORE my sigma kabukis, I have the flat top and the angled, but I’d really like to get the tapered. They really change the way you apply foundation, I wil probably never go back to a normal foundation brush!

    • That’s good to hear! I’ve heard rave reviews about the flat top for foundation application and interchanging the angled and tapered for cream blushes and highlighters. Super excited to use them! Thanks for your comment, Veronica :) xx

  2. i wish i could get some honestly! haha i know they are the best so i’m really interested in them. You should do a review on these! I would love to read it. And also the scrubby thing? I want to see how that works. :) Great post!

    • Thank you for stopping by! Definitely check Sigma out, they ship worldwide I’m pretty sure, and always have 10% coupons floating around :) I’ll make sure to do a review once I’ve used them for a couple of weeks or so! I actually have an upcoming post on what I use to clean my brushes, so keep your eyes peeled :P xx

  3. Great post and pictures Rosie! I haven’t tried any of Sigma’s brushes yet, but I’m definitely interested in them! :) Especially the kabuki brushes. They look like they would make foundation go on flawlessly! Foundation is really my favorite part in my makeup routine! :)

    • Thanks for checking it out Katie! I tried out the flat top today and it was a dream for applying foundation (which I also love doing!) and made my skin look flawless! Definitely check that one out if you’re sussing them out :) xx

    • I know how you feel! They’re so fluffy I can’t help but sweep them across my cheek every five seconds lol. And thank you, I use a Nikon D5100 with a plain 18-55mm lens – makes taking crisp close ups a breeze!

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